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‚hmu for my premium:’ UNC student’s Snapchat porn scam exploits industry that is rising

Vanessa, a 20-year-old sophomore at UNC, whose title happens to be changed for individual security and appropriate issues, is an associate of an increasing trend of intimate content creators offering subscriptions with their “Premium” Snapchat reports. By having a $15 underwear set, over 1,000 Snapchat audiences and an email that is temporary, Vanessa could make […]

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Trans Ladies Deserve To proudly be Loved. Straight Dudes, I’m Taking A Look At You.

Just what will it simply take for trans-attracted dudes to overcome their unfounded pity and thirst for discernment? A right, cisgenderп»ї guy sits alone at a dining table, the radiance of their phone illuminating wide, darting eyes. He’s visibly anxious. We walk in and find out him before he views me personally. We learn him. […]

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